About Us

Passion for healthy and tasty snacking!

Mission: we want to achieve that everybody, including you, reach the daily recommended intake of fruit and vegetables.

Vision: helping the consumer reach the daily-recommended intake of fruit and vegetables by providing fruit and veg snacks worldwide for any moment.


We help the retailers and foodservice with their responsibility to provide their consumers with healthy food.

The Body&Brains logo makes the consumer conscience that you can enjoy a healthy snack. With as result that you participate in a healthier lifestyle.

Smart snacking with Body&Brains needs to be tasty, healthy and reasonably priced

Body&Brains works together with their own and selected growers. Through the QR code the producer / grower is traceable and we can trace these delicious and fair products through the whole supply chain.

Body&Brains wants to share all the knowledge of about nutritional value, health effects and other things through flyers, blogs, vlogs and delicious and surprising recipes.

Body&Brains products are easy and user friendly packed so they are easy to take with you to school, work, and exercise or simply at home.

About us

Where does our passion for healthy eating come from? Jacques Luteijn: ‘’Ever since I was young I felt privileged that I could grow up on a farm. At our home there was always fresh fruit on the table. My mother made almost every from scratch herself. For example we almost always only had applesauce with apples out of our own garden, not from a container. Next to the commercial growing of apples and pears we have for private cultivation red currants, raspberries, cherries, tomatoes, carrots etc. Everything was from our own garden. And in that time we were not aware that fruit and vegetables were high in macro- (fibre) and micronutrients (anti oxidants) were good for you health. Today we are lucky to know that they are… and I want to share this knowledge and passion with everyone.’’

You note that now more then 85% of people eat to little vegetables and fruit, what does that mean? Jacques Luteijn: ‘’Then you know that there is work to do. As grower and producer we work together with colleague-growers and bring delicious products filled with health and handy reclose able packaging in one total concept: Body&Brains, smart-snacking for young and old!’’