Body&Brains only has the tastiest, biggest cherries of the best varieties in the assortment. We are cherry experts.

Cherries of Body&Brains are delicious to enjoy throughout the day. Our Cherry shakers are easy to take along everywhere you go.

Scientific research shows that consuming cherries on a daily basis could be help reduce gout.



Strawberries are great for that perfect summer feeling.

Strawberries have a lot of vitamin C (beneficial for the immune system), even more than an equal portion of oranges. Of all the fruits strawberries have the highest amount of folic acid, a compound that is necessary to prevent anemia.

This sweet favorite is loaded with heart-protecting, anti-cancer, and anti-inflammatory phenols. Strawberries have wildly versatile flavor and compliment a wide variety of other flavors and textures, making them perfect additions to your smoothie.



Body&Brains provides raspberries year round. Our raspberries are specially selected and we have excellent varieties available from our own cultivation.

Who can resist a lovely soft raspberry? They are powerhouses full of freeradical-blocking phytonutrients and antioxidants.

Raspberries contain unique antioxidants called dellagitannines. Researchers at the university at Wageningen have discovered these antioxidants. In test tubes dellagitannines have interesting anti-carcinogenic properties. But if they have the same function in the human body is unknown.



Blueberries are becoming more popular every day because of their incredible taste and because blueberries are convenient to eat throughout the day as replacement for sweets for children and adults.

Many scientific publications show that blueberries have a positive effect on health. Blueberries are beneficial for healthy arteries, improved memory and for faster muscle recovery after exercise when blueberries are blended with banana and apple juice.