Red currants and decreases fat absorption

When slimming down, the diet has a key role. The amount of calories that you consume and the nutritional value are very important when slimming down or bulking up. Researchers at the ‘Institute of technical biochemistry’ of Lodz univeristy in Poland have conducted an interesting research on the effects of fruit on Lipase (digestion of fat) of the pancreas and the activity in lipase enzymes.


This research is done on 31 fruit extractions, including red currants. The extractions were tested on pancreatic lipase with the use of triols, sunflower oil and rapeseed oil emulsion.


6 of the 31 inhibited the activity of pancreas lipase; red currants being one of them.


Red currants may have the possibility to reduce fat absorption through the inhibition of pancreas lipase. Through the inhibition of pancreases lipase less energy is absorbed.


Obesity is a worldwide problem. This problem brings many diseases: diabetes, arteriosclerosis, heart attack, etc. Through changes in lifestyle it is possible to reduce the chances of these diseases. Diet is one way to have less possibilities to get these diseases. A quote of the study says: “Reduction of energy intake from dietary fat through inhibition of this enzyme may be a strategy to prevent and treat obesity’’.


Research conducted by:
Lodz University of Technology, Poland
The researchers:

Sosnowska D
Podsędek A
Redzynia M
Zyzelewicz D

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