Snack healthy and take some high antioxidant fruit to your school. The packaging is handy during lessons or breaks since it is resealable. Delicious Smart-snacking during the day. For example berries with high polyphenolic content and cherries tomatoes that are high in fibre and with a high content in lycopene.

It is no surprise that people call Body&Brains berries ‘studentpowerfood’. If you consume on a daily basis fresh dark fruit, (blackberries, cherries, plums and red grapes) high in anthocyanins, this can increase your cognitive function.

Give your children healthy fruit and snack vegetables to school. As parent when you teach your children in their younger years to snack healthy, then they will be very grateful later in life. They will develop a stronger immune system that nobody can take from them. With the handy re sealable packaging of Body&Brains they are able to snack the entire day. That is ‘Smart-snacking’, super healthy and it is also very delicious.

Through the QR-code on the packaging kids can read where their fruit and vegetables are grown, health aspects and recipes are also here, very educational.

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