Do you want the best for your children?

Then it is very important to teach your kids at a young age to eat plenty fruit and vegetables. ‘What is learnt in the cradle lasts to the tomb.’

Give your kids a shaker of Body&Brain berries or snack vegetables to take to school. Since it is resealable it will last the whole day.

Teach your kids to eat blueberries or cherry tomatoes instead of sweets. This way they get extra vitamins and minerals in their diet. For example blueberries have more then 200 antioxidants. Raspberries, blackberries and strawberries are very delicious snacks and they are all very healthy.

Researchers at the ‘German Cancer Research Centre’ say that food has influence on your genes. The modification of specific genes can be the reason for the start of symptoms and diseases.

It is very interesting to know what healthy food can influence your DNA.

If you want your kids to eat healthy it helps if you give a right example.

Every morning a shaker of Body&Brains berries to your work or to school, tastier and healthier.

A good example tends to be followed!


What could you do more?

What more could you to live a healthier and happier life?

Drink plenty of water, herbs tea.

Around 2 litres of harmless liquids over the whole day. Avoid soda’s, juices as much as you can. Maximum 2 cups of coffee, tea or water. If you like then add a slice of lemon, mint, a piece of ginger. A few berries or halved strawberries will add flavour to your water so it will easily drinkable.

Reduce your sugar intake

Processed sugars are very unhealthy and one of the main causers of type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is one of the most upcoming diseases. Reduce your sugar intake or swap it out for stevia or honey.

Cook as much of your own food

This way you know what you have put in your food. Make sure half your plate is filled with vegetables.

Drink limited amount of soft drinks

Soft drinks are high in sugars and the light products are filled with aspartame.

Exercise everyday

Walk everyday a half-hour, work in your garden, go to the gym or go dancing.

Keep yourself moving especially when you are getting older.

Never sit more then 30 minutes

Set a timer for every half hour and move for a bit. Sitting could become the new first world disease.

Eat nuts

20-60 grams of nuts per day may reduce the chance for heart and vascular disease.

Spend some time daily with friends and family and help when needed.


Eat plenty fruit and veg that are high in macronutrients (fibre) and micronutrients (antioxidants) so your body builds up a stronger immune system so you will be less vulnerable for the flu and feel healthier, energetic and happier.



Snack healthy and take some high antioxidant fruit to your school. The packaging is handy during lessons or breaks since it is resealable. Delicious Smart-snacking during the day. For example berries with high polyphenolic content and cherries tomatoes that are high in fibre and with a high content in lycopene.

It is no surprise that people call Body&Brains berries ‘studentpowerfood’. If you consume on a daily basis fresh dark fruit, (blackberries, cherries, plums and red grapes) high in anthocyanins, this can increase your cognitive function.

Give your children healthy fruit and snack vegetables to school. As parent when you teach your children in their younger years to snack healthy, then they will be very grateful later in life. They will develop a stronger immune system that nobody can take from them. With the handy re sealable packaging of Body&Brains they are able to snack the entire day. That is ‘Smart-snacking’, super healthy and it is also very delicious.

Through the QR-code on the packaging kids can read where their fruit and vegetables are grown, health aspects and recipes are also here, very educational.


Pregnant? Eat for 2 snack for 2

From the moment you’re pregnant, often you will be more conscience of what you are eating. You are eating for two now!

More and more is being discovered that confirms the effects of healthy and unhealthy food.

Nutritionists have long known that ‘you are what you eat’ is not just an expression. Recent studies suggest that what you eat affects you and sometimes even your children and grandchildren.

It’s critical to understand the role of nutrition in transgenerational health, particularly between mother and child. Epigenetics impacts cell differentiation and shapes how cells function in the long term, making it vital to understanding how nutrition during pregnancy may impact multiple generations.

With Body&Brains near you are always prepared. Delicious as a snack and it is healthy for two.


Answer for binge eating

Always have Body&Brains around to protect yourself and have an answer for binge eating.

Many people have a daily moment where they have a strong urge to eat something sweet.

Capitalize your binge moments to snack for example on delicious fresh berries of Body&Brains so you know you are on the right track! That way you get a boost of antioxidants and a positive self-image.

When you are watching TV or series on the couch are those moments. Be prepared with healthy treats of Body&Brains near you.

At Home, in the office, on the go, make sure you have Body&Brains with you. You want a something to snack on? Then you have a responsible answer with our blueberries, blackberries or snacktomatoes.

Very handy the recloseable packaging of Body&Brains, real “Smart Snacking”.


What is ‘Smart Snacking’?

Snacking of fresh high, antioxidant fruits & veg, during the day

Berries, no biscuits

Snacking with Body&Brains is delicious, easy, healthy and a really smart and super convenient way to reach your minimum necessary daily recommended intake of fresh fruit and veg.

What is more delicious then snacking fresh blueberries, cherries or raspberries during work, at school or in the car.
There are so many moments that you can snack fresh fruits.
Sitting behind your computer eating your high antioxidant blueberries, will help you to ‘feel younger for longer’.
Worldwide there is a lot of research done for instance blackberries could help to improve your cognitive ability. We gather research worldwide and share the results via scanning our QR-code on the packaging. Lots of research can also be found on our website.

Our goal with Body&Brains is to inform as many consumers as possible about the importance of eating and snacking healthy fresh fruits for their own good.

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Snack Healthy

Snack healthy with Body&Brains. It’s delicious

With fresh berries from Body&Brains you increase your intake of macro- and micronutrients for example antioxidants and it is very delicious.

Antioxidants in your food contribute to the neutralizing of free radicals.

Free radicals are particles that in some cases can be harmful to you cells and health. Also there is research that shows that free radicals play a part in cancer and in the aging process. Take good care of your body and mind. Eat healthy and tasty with Body&Brains, the new ‘smart snacking’. It’s that easy to take care of yourself.