What is ‘Smart Snacking’?

Snacking of fresh high, antioxidant fruits & veg, during the day

Berries, no biscuits

Snacking with Body&Brains is delicious, easy, healthy and a really smart and super convenient way to reach your minimum necessary daily recommended intake of fresh fruit and veg.

What is more delicious then snacking fresh blueberries, cherries or raspberries during work, at school or in the car.
There are so many moments that you can snack fresh fruits.
Sitting behind your computer eating your high antioxidant blueberries, will help you to ‘feel younger for longer’.
Worldwide there is a lot of research done for instance blackberries could help to improve your cognitive ability. We gather research worldwide and share the results via scanning our QR-code on the packaging. Lots of research can also be found on our website.

Our goal with Body&Brains is to inform as many consumers as possible about the importance of eating and snacking healthy fresh fruits for their own good.

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