Gout attacks decreased by Cherry consumption

The risk on gout attacks is may be reduced through the consumption of cherries. This is the conclusion of several researches at different universities.


633 subjects participated in a researched done on Gout. The participants of the research were categorised in:

  • People that did not eat cherries
  • People that ate different amounts of cherries
  • People that used a cherry extract

By collecting of the data what people ate 2 days prior to the gout attack, the researchers made a link between less gout attacks and cherry consumption.


The research concluded that the consumption of cherries made a reduction of 35% in the chance of gout attacks. The reduction remained unaffected in different subgroups: gender, obesity, purine intake, alcohols and the usage of anti-gout medicine.


The consumption of cherries may be associated with a reduced risk of gout attacks.


For people that suffer from gout it is helpfull to know, that the daily consumption of cherries may help reduce the chance on gout attacks.


Research conducted by:

Bonston University School of Medicine
Bonston University School of Public Health, Australia
Sydney Univesity
The researchers:

Yuging Zhang
Tuhina Neogi
Clara Chen
Christine Chaisson
David Hunter
Hyong K. Choi

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