Solution for daily-recommended amount fruit & vegetables

Everybody knows that fruit and vegetables are healthy.

But many people have endangered their health by not eating enough fruit and vegetables.

The recommendation of the government differs from country to country. A 7,7 year research in Great Britain at the UCL had the conclusion that a daily of 300gram fruit and 375 grams of vegetables.

With Body&Brains ‘Smart snacking’ you can also get easier your daily recommended dose. At home, on the go, in the office always in the handy resealable packaging.

When you start eating healthier you would like to know who has grown your product. We offer you complete transparency.

Scan the unique QR-code on the packaging (every packaging has a different QR-code). Here you will find information about the grower, health aspects and recipes with your purchased product.

Smart snacking with Body&Brains:
Fruit with a high antioxidant content, delicious, payable and super healthy.

Our growers have grown with love.

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