World Health Organisation (WHO)

The Body&Brains concept is a perfect fit for the goals of the WHO to make people eat enough fruit & vegetables.

WHO (World Health Organisation), has been founded in 1948 to improve and to promote healthy eating.

In 1990 WHO gave the recommendation for the daily consumption of minimal 400gram fruit and vegetables. On basis that is would be a good protector for cardio vascular disease.

This is how ‘5-a-day keeps the doctor away’ came into existence.

During the years after 1990 a lot more was discovered about the positive effects of fruit & vegetables. That is why plenty of fruit and veg may decreases the chances for cancer and type 2 diabetes as result.

Governments give different advices to their citizens. Netherlands advises 200g fruit and 250g vegetables per day. Canada advises 7-10 portions a day. France advices 10 portions a day. Australia advises 300g fruit and 375g vegetables. Japan takes the lead with 17 portions of fruit and vegetables a day, a total of 850g on a daily basis.

Governments have the important task to make their citizens aware of the importance of healthy eating.
To satisfy this need, you will have to snack fruit and vegetables during the day.

The Body&Brains ‘Smart snacking’ concept, can help you snack enough fruit and vegetables during the day. Make sure you always have fruit and vegetables near you.

Body&Brains’ logo triggers and reminds the consumer. We inform and let you think because we want you to start eating healthy.

And the nice part is, all the small bits add up.

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