Zacapa XO

  • 6dl Milk
  • 40gr Butter
  • 100gr Dessert rice
  • 2,5gr Salt
  • 40gr Egg yolk
  • 40gr White sugar
  • 1Lemongrass
  • 0,5pod Bourbon vanilla
  • 8gr Gelatine leaf , pre-soaked
  • 125gr Cream , whipped

1) Boil the rice together with the salt
2) Rinse the rice
3) Then add milk, vanilla pod, sugar and lemongrass
4) Cook it on a moderate heat
5) Stir in the butter and the egg yolks
6) Mix 550 gr of the mixture with the gelatin and the almond syrup
7) Cool down to 37┬░C
8) Mix with the whipped cream
9) Put the rice pudding fridge to cool down

Milk ice crea

  • 150gr Cream
  • 525gr Milk
  • 125gr White sugar
  • 5Cardamom
  • 40g Skimmed milk powder

1) Mix the milk with milk powder and sugar and bring to a boil

2) Add the cardamom and let infuse. Sieve and let cool

3) Add the cream and turn it into ice cream


  • 1tsp Lemon juice
  • 100gr Coconut cream
  • 1gr Guar gum

1) Mix the coconut puree with lemon juice and guar gum
2) Store in refrigerator until use.

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